Payroll Unlimited, Inc.

Millennium Integrated Payroll and Human Resources Management System:  Millennium provides all of the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll and human resource systems. Millennium gives the user everything they need internally, while still providing an outsourced payroll solution. – Providing a 100% web-based interface to Millennium: delivers the functionality of Millennium through a 100% web-based interface. This web interface is designed to offer an alternative to client installations of Millennium with a powerful and easy to use interface that users can access wherever they are.

Web-based Employee Self Service: provides employees with a self-service interface to view a wide variety of personal and company information.  Employees can easily view their contact information, department and position, earnings and direct deposits, plus view and print prior check stubs.  Employees can also search a company directory, and download corporate forms and publications.

Tax Administration: We take care of your employee withholding’s and company taxes, prepare your tax filings and arrange for electronic fund transfers to the respective Federal, State and local agencies. You get a hard copy of all the quarterlies and year-end tax forms that we file on your behalf.

Section 125 Administration: Either premium only plans or flexible spending accounts. Payroll Unlimited will help you with the compliance and administration.

Pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance: We have developed partnerships with various insurance carriers. No more large down payment at the anniversary date plus six or eight installment payments, and an unpleasant surprise at the annual audit. Now, every time we process your payroll, we will transfer a file to the insurance carrier. They will compute your workers’ compensation insurance premium for that payroll, and debit your account a few days later for the premium due. Payroll by payroll, year-end adjustments should be minimal.

General ledger interfaces: We have developed an interface with QuickBooks and MAS 90/200. We can electronically post your net checks to your cash account, and your payroll, taxes and our fees directly into your general ledger. We will entertain the possibility of writing an interface for any other accounting software. Or you can give us your chart of accounts and we will generate a paper journal entry for you.

Time and attendance: You can access these web based products directly from your computer. A multitude of reports are available on-line. You have a choice of using biometric fingerprint or full hand scan, web clock, swipe cards, or phone punching.

401k interfaces:  We have developed an interface between Millennium and various investment institutions. After processing your payroll, we will electronically transfer a file to your investment institution with all the information they need.  In addition, we will also send the money electronically. We will generate your census report in January.

Unemployment cost control: Tax management, claims control, employment and wage verification, anything that has to do with unemployment, we will take care of it for you.

 Tax credits: Did you know that most tax credits and incentives available to companies go unclaimed due to difficult, confusing and labor intensive task of identifying the incentives available in a particular jurisdiction and determining the applicability of those incentives.  Payroll Unlimited can help by claiming tax credits and incentives for our clients.  Here are just some of the credits and incentives you might be entitled to include:

  • Federal, State and local government’s incentive tax credits available to employers who hire hourly wage employees.
  • Federal Empowerment Zone and Renewal Tax Programs
  • Federal Work Opportunity and Welfare to work tax credit.
  • Various States Enterprise Zone new hires.

Payroll card solution: Offers employees and employers the benefits of direct deposit, even when employees lack bank accounts. They can use the card instead of receiving a check. Eliminates check cashing expenses and problems with lost or stolen checks. We developed relationships with various financial institutions.

Background Checks:  We have developed partnerships with back ground check companies who are committed to providing a superior product, efficient turnaround time and excellent customer service to meet and exceed your needs in your pre-employment screening and throughout your hiring process.

Quarterly CD’s:  Each quarter we will prepare for you a CD that contains all the reports we generated for you during that quarter as well as all the quarterlies that we filed during that quarter and your W-2’s.


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